Saturday, January 3, 2009

While I have a minute

I have just a minute to ramble on about....well....nothing really.

I've been wanting to blog about so many things but I have so little time. For once my life has been crazy busy. Plus I think I mentioned this setup HWAG's got going on SUCKS! And makes me uncomfortable the minute I start typing, I can't wait to get a computer desk.

Expect some up coming blogs (that are a little late) about......

  • Christmas (the happiest time of the year). Well my favorite time of the year anyways
  • A recap of last year
  • A blog about my new years (which rocked).
  • My so called "New years resolutions". Which I'm preferring to call it a check list.
  • More about my book She's gonna blow
  • And my weight

I'm pretty sure that's everything that I've been wanting to share. I don't care if I don't blog about them until July I will blog about these things.

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