Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy "LATE" Christmas

Christmas this year at our house rocked!
I had so much fun this year, I loved all the shopping I got to do, I loved the amount of money I could (and did) spend. I loved making the chairs for my kids, wrapping all the presents and helping my mom clean up her house and cook for Christmas. I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!

I can't wait to go shopping again next year on black Friday, that was probably my favorite day of shopping. I love the chaos and craziness and of course the savings. I'm excited just thinking about it.

I didn't see any new Christmas movies this year, which I'm a little sad about but I did get to watch some of my favorites so I'M NOT ALL THAT SAD. I did however get A Christmas Story the ultimate collectors edition for Christmas from HWAG. I'm totally excited about it and can't wait to us it next year, that's right use it, it came with a cookbook, an apron, and cookie cutters that rock my socks. They have the Leg lamp and the bunny suit, I'm going to have some pretty awesome cookies next year.

If there's a new Christmas movie that is a must see please let me know. Some of my favorites besides A Christmas Story are of course Elf and The Family Stone.

I was totally excited to get 10 years of Trans-siberian orchestra box set this year (before x-mas of course) and the Elf Soundtrack which has my favorite song Baby it's cold outside by Zoey Deschanel and Leon Redbone. I also fell in love with a new song A Baby Changes Everything by Faith Hill, I love it as much as Mary Did You Know which I think is song by Rita Springer (not positive on that one). Also check out Winter Wonderland by Annie Lennox. Oh the joy's of Christmas music. Did I mention that they started playing Christmas music on Halloween night, So we listened to nothing but X-mas music for 2 whole months (it's always exciting when your kids love a holiday as much as you do). ; )

HWAG and me had a good Christmas we got tons of stuff from my parents and sisters. I finally got the crock pot I've been wanting for like 4 years. I got clothes which was a need and a want (I mean for some reason my size 9 high school pants aren't fitting anymore, hmmm I wonder why) HWAG got some really nice stuff as well. And we got a tent!!! I'm so excited we can go CAMPING!!!

Oh and we started a new tradition this year which was really cool. SANTA drops of PJ's right before we go to bed Christmas Eve, I'm guessing this was my kids favorite part about Christmas, ABB was in awe, I can't wait to see that look on his face again next year.

Speaking of ABB, my son, oh my son. He got some amazing toys this year but his favorites will crack you up. His Rubik cube of course because what 5 year old won't love sitting in front of a computer for hours watching this video while trying to solve the Rubik cube. And his next favorite would of course be the Chess set his dad got because what 5 year old doesn't love learning how to play the frustrating game of chess. I swear this kid better be a genius, lol.

SOS got some awesome stuff as well, but I'm going to share with you something else about my little SOS. We went and saw Santa at the mall this year (we didn't take pictures though) and as soon as we got home SOS started crying and told me she forgot to tell Santa some stuff she wanted for Christmas. ABB came home from school later that week with a flyer that said Santa would be at his school and you could have pictures taken with him for free, so I decided to go. This was only a picture thing this was not a sit on Santa's lap and tell him what you want this year for Christmas thing, well if only SOS knew that. It was a scene very much so like this SOS was yelling down the hall and Santa don't forget...., while he and all the parents and teachers laughed at her, only because it was so cute of course.

And last but not least is LLOL. She got some toy's that she absolutely loves and I'm so excited we got them for her. It's so hard to shop for SOS the first thing she liked on her own without it being something her bro likes was puppies but from the very beginning LLOL has been very girly and she only has one baby doll so we ended up getting her the twins from Walmart they are baby dolls but tiny not tiny tiny but perfect for her size considering she is very tiny. We also got her a little stroller she can push them around in and it is such a big hit we did good. So did my parents (who of course got her a ton of presents) but they picked her up a sock monkey and it is like her favorite toy ever. LLOL has this cuteness about her, and she has this sweet very innocent voice and way of using it, that cracks....well.......everybody up. She was using that voice this Christmas with a very whinny "Hey where's mine" every time the big kids had a present to open and she didn't, and of course everyone would bust out laughing (hmmm I wonder if she was the last to get her presents every time on purpose, nah her DAD wouldn't do that to her)

That was pretty much how Christmas went down (in history) this year at our house.

So Merry Late Christmas and please share your x-mas stories with me.

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