Monday, December 22, 2008

reupholstering queens

So if your ever sitting at home on the weekend before Christmas and don't feel like you have enough to do even though you haven't come close to finishing your x-mas shopping and haven't wrapped a single present, why don't you reupholster your kids chair and couch set. And while your at it use a broken staple gun (we knew it wasn't working right but didn't realize it was broken, duh!) and a wobbly work table.

Yep I'm not kidding me and mom decided to reupholster my kids couches. Which ended up turning into a 14 hour project....NO JOKE!

Here's what we did, by the way we should go into business because these things turned out awesome

Here's what the chairs looked like.....we found them at a garage sale about a year ago

This is all the staples I pulled out of the chair, and oh that's my pile of fabric

All cleaned up and ready for upholstery

Here's the couch right before we reupholstered it, we did the couch first.

Look at that new fabric, so cute right. It's colorful sheet music in case you can't tell.

And the couch almost done....

Doesn't it look amazing, not finished yet though....

All done and ready for Christmas. Isn't it so freaking cute. I wanted to add a different color to it so those things on the arms (whatever the hell they are called) are in a yellow and white checkered pattern, and we are working on some pillows that are going to have the same print. And my mom gave me some lamps that are yellow and white checkered so we have plenty to bring that color into my kids room.
And after 14 hours of labor and bruised arms, hands and completely and totally exhausted we are done with both

Here they are (compliments of my phone, that's why such crappy pics), my kids are going to LOVE them
I can't believe how long these babies took but it was totally worth it they look like brand new chairs, and they are so SAWEEEET!!!!!
Me and the kids stayed at my moms the week and weekend of Thanksgiving and on Friday I called HWAG and asked him to bring the chairs when he came to get us. So when we got home that Saturday night SOS started crying because somebody broke in to our place and stole her chairs and ABB told her no Santa came and got them he's going to bring us new ones.
Then with us moving and my cousin in the hospital and everything we haven't' had time to reupholster them but we just had to considering Santa is bringing them to us and all.
I'm so glad they are done in time for x-mas.
On a side note
I can't wait to get a computer desk until then I might not be blogging very often cause this setup HWAG's got going on SUCKS.
In case I don't blog again until after Christmas
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! have a happy and safe one.

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mammerz said...

wow thoes turned out sooo great. GOOD JOB! i bet it felt great when you were all done because of how long it took to do it.