Thursday, January 15, 2009

What I did for my birthday this year.

Yesterday was so eventful I just had to share.

I got up for work like 5 min before I had to start.

Got ABB ready for school super fast, walked him to school and then went for a 2 mile run, which I did horrible at. I guess waking up and going for a run 15 minutes later isn't such a good idea for me. I ran about a mile and half and had to walk the rest of the way.

Got home finished my work out.

Read my favorite blogs.

And then made one of my favorite soups for dinner, we cut up everything and threw it all in the crock pot.

Then I stood there thinking wow HWAG still hasn't wished me a happy b-day what's up with that.

Listened to HWAG sing happy birthday to LLOL but still he hadn't realized it's my birthday.

Weighed myself and guess what I'm down 1 pound. Yey me.

Asked HWAG to run some errands for me. At this point I'm really wishing I would have showered before sending him out and about for a few hours.

Got a call for childcare and had them come over for an interview, landed a new job. Yey, It's only part time but hey I'm making a little more.

HWAG comes home FINALLY and asks "is today your birthday??" I totally don't answer him, so he pulls out my Drivers license and begs for forgiveness and claims he's the worst husband in the world. Not only did he forget my birthday he forgot what day my birthday's on.

Put the kids down for a nap and play a game of Phase 10 with HWAG and completely kick his butt at it.

HWAG goes to get ABB from school and I decide to make a phone call to our credit card company cause I've finally sent them a payment, they say I'm sorry to inform you but we no longer deal with your case you'll have to contact so and so, well so and so is an attorneys office, that's right they are suing us for the money we owe them unless we start sending them a $200.00 payment every month which is the least amount they will accept for only the next 4 months. Yey for getting bills paid off, not so yey at the amount at which we have to pay.

Call our car insurance company to see if they can lower our payment now that I'm 25, get this yes mam while most insurance company's offer discounts like that we do not however. By the way they claim that the premium for our state went up so now we have to pay $25 more a month then the past 6 months which truly bites.

HWAG and ABB come home with a huge thing of flowers for me and I tell HWAG the not so good news, which truly makes his day. NOT!! It pretty much put us both in a really bad mood, we just don't have $200 extra a month.

My friend Navy Mama comes to get her son, and I tell her to smell LLOL and tell me if she thinks that she might have an infection. (On Saturday we noticed that LLOL's nose STUNK really really bad, and it would start to smell better then it would get worse and yesterday when I would blow her nose it would come out a bright orange color so I was thinking maybe I should take her in to get it checked out.) Well NM said I bet she shoved tissue or something up there cause that's exactly what happened to my bro when he was younger. So I lay LLOL down and close her one nostril and blow in her mouth and sure enough a huge think of moldy, nasty tissue came flying out. Who knows how long that was up there. Talk about gross!!!

Don't ever do something like that right before dinner because guess won't be able to eat. So I made my favorite soup and couldn't even eat it.

Then I went to work out with NM and came home took a bath, cut and organized my coupons, and went to bed.

What a fun birthday, let's do that again next year. DOUBLE NOT!!!

By the way I CAN'T WAIT TO GO OUT SATURDAY, I do believe I deserve it.


HWAG said...

HEY BABE..I LOVE ALL OF THESE.....ahh and you really are trying to spend time with me..hehe... :PPP

HWAG said...

hey babe i love all of these

you really are trying to spend time with me.. :PPPP