Friday, October 31, 2008

Hello it's the last day in October!?! Why am I still baking

First off I just want to say that I love love love Christmas time, and it's getting closer to that time and I swear to you the coldest it's got in the good old state of AZ is like 70, WTC!! I really do love my fall and winter COLD (I hate the cold, ask anybody close to me, once it hits about 75 I start complaining about how I'm FREEZING) but that's besides the point I like it cold so I can have a cold Christmas it just makes it seem that much more real to me that it's ALMOST thanksgiving and Christmas time. Today is such a nice day but it's still in the 90's. Okay weather it's time for a change.

My random update

ABB is doing so good in school, he was just going through a tough time in school. He started getting picked on by a girl in his class, the teach said she's mean to everybody but really gravitates toward ABB for some reason (probably because he's so darn sweet, and isn't mean to ANYBODY) did I just say that, I'm his mom I'm allowed. Well his school work was being effected by it, he was bringing home work that he just scribbled all over, and me and HWAG not knowing what to do about it we started talking to him about it (a lot) and trying to get to the bottom of the bad schoolwork. But then we realized he started liking the attention he was getting so we changed our way's and started only complementing the things he did right like wow ABB look at your name, you wrote that "(enter letter's of his name here)" letter so well type stuff. Or wow look how well you colored this square and so on. Well it helped we have only got good school work in return so I'm very happy about this.

Me and SOS have been running into some major problems at home like with the thumb sucking I just can't do anything to help her stop or to try and explain to her that she should want to stop. I'm thinking about scheduling her a dentist appointment just to have them talk to her about what she's doing to her pretty teeth. And she's CONSTANTLY telling me NO so I'm trying to work with her on that too, everything's no mom I don't want to or I didn't do it why should I clean it up or I want to do this not that. It's so aggravating but I'm trying to figure out the best way's to help HER stop, as in what is going to work for my sup-o-sensitive girl? How can I do things and get points across to her without hurting her sweet little feelings??? Oh SOS

I took LLOL to the store the other day and she had me laughing and calling HWAG every 10 minutes, I wanted him to hear what she said to me before I forgot. Oh and this is the first year that LLOL actually gets what's going on with Christmas (and I have a feeling), me and Rudy are in BIG trouble this girl loves the holiday's as much and if not more then I do.

Oh how I can't wait for Christmas!

C2MM called the other day she sounds like she's doing great I was so very excited to hear from her it had been like a month since I last talked to her : (
Any who she has an email address from school and she's been writing, I'm so glad because I have missed her so much.

Okay lastly, I have done.........well........nothing to help myself lose weight. WTC is wrong with me, I want to lose It's just not enough to actually get out there and lose weight, what's up with that? Why am I being so lazy??

Oh and here's a recent picture of me. I was drunk when I took it, but I think it turned out to be a pretty cool picture anyhow.

100 Books in 1 year-October

In early September I decided I wanted to read 100 books in a year. Well I would have to read about 8.5 books a month to get to this goal, I did okay in Sept. but I didn't reach my goal of 8.5 books. And guess what I did horrible in October. I'll be lucky to even read 50 books this year.
: (

My thing was I got addicted to the Twilight series and after I read them it was so hard for me to get into another book. By the way the Twilight saga rocked my socks and is totally worth the read, totally worth it. I read all the books in a little less then 2 weeks.

Well I'm still going to try and go for my goal. NOW I have to read about 9.5 books a month to get to my goal.

Here's my book list so far


1.Secrets of a Shoe Addict-Beth Harbison
2. The Great Gatsby-F Scott Fitzgerald
3. Twilight-Stephenie Meyer
4. New Moon-Stephenie Meyer


5. Eclipse-Stephenie Meyer
6. Breaking Dawn-Stephenie Meyer

Monday, October 27, 2008

What Your Bed Says About You

What Your Bed Says About You

Outward appearances are a concern of yours, but not your primary concern. You try to take care of yourself and your home, but it's not an obsession.

You are an organized and disciplined person. You do the right thing because you want to, not because people expect you to.

You are not very high maintenance in general, but you are high maintenance about a few things.

In relationships, you tend to kick back and let the other person be in charge.

You tend to be a dreamy, head in the clouds type of person. You think in terms of possibilities.

You are a bit of a homebody, but you can also make yourself at home anywhere.

I was on myspace, and my friend had posted this in her blog and I took it out of pure boredom and I was like wow it's so right on for me. It's really who I am. One of my favorite sayings is

Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween is going to suck this year.

I thought this was funny and oh so true, so many people have lost there house to foreclosure, it's sad. You can include me and my hubs in that. We owned our own home and first my husband lost his job and then (we didn't have a fixed mortgage) and they keep upping our payment and we struggled so much. Sooo we ended up letting our house go, and it was probably one of the healthiest things we did for our kids and our relationship.
I guess possessions aren't everything.
With all of that being said.........
Have fun taking your kids trick or treating this year. : P

Friday, October 24, 2008


Wow my least favorite topic. I'm not even sure that I should do this, then again maybe it will be motivational for me.

Okay so I haven't really thought much about goals or what types of exercise I want to do yet. What I have thought about is....

Well my sister called about 2 day's ago and said hey moms birthday is coming up and she would love a family photo (of us adults, and all the grand kids). This is going to be a surprise present for my mom, she's been asking for this for about 2 years and we have yet to do it. So we set a date, in a week and a half from today to take the picture.
I'm totally excited to be doing this for my mom, I'm not however excited to take the picture. I haven't had a professional picture taken of me sense high school. : (
I'm not at a place where I feel good enough to take a picture that's going to be hanging on a WALL for god knows how long.

So I decided I would weigh myself this morning and I have gained about 6.8 pounds in the last 4 months.

So that's what i know and this is what went down about 8 months ago.

Okay so about 8 months ago some friends of mine started doing WW and convinced me to try it with them (and at the time) I was training to run a half marathon.

I did pretty well the first month and lost 20 pounds quickly but after hitting 20 pounds it took me about 3 or 4 months to lose 9.2 more pounds.

And now

I'm still glad to be over that 20 pound mark because even with my current weight I have lost 21.2 pounds.
I want to get back on WW and try to lose more weight, I would love to lose about 30 to 35 more pounds. I would love to get out and run 2 to 3 day's a week at least 3 or 4 miles each time and go walking 2 or 3 more days for at least 3 miles every time.

I'm seriously considering doing Atkins for the next week and a half to try and lose a quick 10 pounds before we take this picture. The truth is I'm going to start Atkins TOMORROW, when I've done Atkins in the past I notice the weight lose right away in my face, and I would love to look skinner there then anywhere else (for the picture).

I will try to be good about posting my progress...I will definitely be good about posting it as long as I'm happy with my results. : P

Well here's the most painful part about this posting

My current weight lose 21.2 pounds
My current weight 168.0 pounds
My goal weight 130 pounds


Thursday, October 23, 2008


Okay so where to start....

Well I'm truly Mrs. Bookworm, reading is my favorite past time. With a family I can't do it as much as I would like but when I do have free time I'm reading, and sometimes when I don't have free time (but can't put a good book down) I'm reading. I set a goal for myself in Sept to read 100 books in 1 year, so far I'm not doing so good.
I run for exercise and to clear my head I really do enjoy it, I don't love to train for a race or to feel like I should stop at a certain point. I love to run just freely. I would do 4 or 5 miles everyday if I had the time.
I'm trying to lose weight....blah. Promise I will blog about weight some other day. It's not my favorite subject, not even close. : P
I haven't made life easy for myself and I spent a long time beating myself up over it but I'm trying (hard) to NOT beat myself or anybody else up over it, I struggle but I'm doing better and I'm so much happier.
I'm OBSESSED with One Tree Hill (OTH) I will probably blog about it often, be prepared.
I babysit during the day but I'm currently looking for a night and weekend (Saturday) job. I want extra money for Christmas.
I can't spell to save my life but I love Scrabble it's my favorite game, I win most of the time. : )
That's enough about me.

Meet my husband Hottie with a guitar or HWAG I will blog about him often. He bugs me must day's but I'm in love with him, and his ability to wow me musically, lol.

I have 3 beautiful babies

My oldest started kindergarten this year, he's such a big boy. And he's an awesome big brother (ABB) He play's the role of big brother well, he's always looking out for his little sisters and any other kids younger then him as well. It's like having a second daddy in the house. I thought I would be so excited when it was finally time for him to start school but I truly was scared and completely NOT ready. But now I'm so glad he has school, he loves it and has learned so much. He makes me happy everyday.
My Middle baby is so sweet and so super sensitive (sup-o-sensitive) or (SOS) I really love that about her. She's me...she's all me, that SCARES the crap out of me. My little lady is obsessed with puppies and not actual dogs but stuffed animals and toy puppies, she loves them has about a million, has a name for each one and loves each one I promise you that.
My youngest is a handful, she's a lot like me too, but in the I'm the baby way I don't think she's as much like me as SOS. She's cute and funny as all crap (she's constantly making me laugh). She's way to smart for her age, she's got everything figured out (she's 2, she knows what's best) which also makes me laugh, she's a huge drama queen everything is way played out. Just thinking about it is making me smile she's my Little Laugh Out Loud (LLOL)
Last but not least is my lil sis (well HWAG's little sister) but we are so close, she's more of a daughter to us. She's almost 17 and almost out of school. She's super smart, one of the strongest people I have ever met and talented (like HWAG) in so many different way's she doesn't know how strong she is, we are proud of her daily. Me and her are so close we have a ton of different sayings for each other but my favorite is she's the cheese to my macaroni (C2MM)

Okay that was a super long beginning....I really hope you enjoy my blogging. It shall be fun