Monday, January 26, 2009

1 tooth gone, about 20 more to go

My son, oh my little man, He's growing up way to fast. He lost his first tooth on Jan 18th, we were at my parents house watching the game (because we still don't have a T.V.) and he bite into an apple and it fell out. His tooth had been loose for awhile so I knew it was going to fall out soon but it still made me get all choked up. Any who Gandma and Gamppa where totally excited that they got to see him loose his tooth. It was really cute, there was a lot of jumping up and down, and screaming and big smiles.

So of course the tooth fairy came to our house and apparently she's a rip off, because $2 a tooth for a 5 year old just isn't enough, of course these are the words of a 5 year old. Oh well he was excited she came and excited to spend his money on Candy for him and his sisters, so she can't be that much of a rip off, right?

So here's a picture and yes that's his new tooth already coming in, and I know it's dark but It was taken with my phone. He's only 5 people, it's so crazy to me that he's already got a big tooth coming in.

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Mammerz said...

SHoot I remember the days when all i got for a lost tooth was a quarter. That is so funny! I bet he was SUPER excited! cute pic!!!