Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Have you ever cut your own hair?

Well my 4 year old daughter has and let me tell you, going in your room with a pair of scissors, sitting in a corner and cutting your bangs out of your face isn't such a good idea.

We (as in me) have been trying to grow her bangs out so she can tuck them behind her ear or wear them in a pony tail with the rest of her hair. The problem with SOS' hair is that her bangs start in the middle of her head so by the time all her bangs are cut she has a mullet, that's why I wanted to grow them out. She really does hate when they get in her face but they where almost to the length of fitting in a pony tail and now, which she totally doesn't understand, is that we are going to just end up growing them out again. Let's hope this time she doesn't get a hold of any scissors!

Speaking of hair.

LLOL has always had problems with her hair. She didn't have hair for so long then when it started coming in we where so excited because she's the only one with curly hair. But when she was about 18 months she started losing her hair just on one side of her head and we took her to the doctor and he said (in different words) you don't see this very often and said there was nothing we could do about it. So we cut off all her hair, so it wouldn't be so on even. Well now that it's getting long again we noticed that the side she didn't lose is curly and the side she did is completely straight. So much so that you can't straighten the curly side and you can curl the straight side. Nobody ever believes me until they see her so.........
Straight side

Curly side

As you can see it's really bad, well I had a wonderful idea to let my sisters she her and they would know exactly what to do considering they are both stylists, and all I got was wow I've never seen this, shave it off. Jaw dropping advice!! Should I really shave my almost 3 year old's head? That thought really does make me want to cry. But I'm sure as she gets older and she's rocking this crazy hair cut she will want to cry.......everyday!

And while we are talking about my kiddos

ABB is losing two more teeth, and he can't wait for the tooth fairy to come.

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