Thursday, February 12, 2009

Organizing, fly lady, and some other great stuff

Okay so everybody remember this post about my 2009 Goals. I mentioned something about getting my house and my daily routines and everything else organized, I didn't exactly know where or how to start this.

And then

I found this blog and she has listed some great way's to start decluttering and to start organizing and she also has a linky up that a whole list of people are linking up to and showing how they organize. It's amazing, what great help it has been to me. I haven't linked up to it but I don't have any great ideas like these peeps do. Oh how I do love seeing peoples tips and watching there rooms and houses transform. Which by the was she has a post up right now that cracks me up. I should mention that while we have been "cleaning house" we have found close to around 10 pairs of scissors.

While spying on peoples blogs one day I came across The Twins Mama. I just love her blog by the way. Any who she had posted one day about a Control Journal and she had pictures up of hers and I just knew that was how I was going to get some control in our lifes, I had never heard of a control journal before. And with the whole trying to organize your house and life this little tip came in handy cause for me some day's even the thought of figuring out how to get our house clean and organized made me a cranky momma but after reading her blog I went to google and typed in control journal and found And it is amazing she has everything you need on her site for starting your own control journal and for help with organizing and decluttering. And the best part is...................IT'S FREE!

I have to give a huge thanks to The Twins Mama for her blog that day, I wonder if she had any idea she was going to help a family who was truly out of control feel in control again. And props for flylady too!


Lorie said...

I love Thrifty Decor Chick! I will have to check out the other blog!

Good for you for getting things under control!

Mamaoftwins said...

Ahhh, thanks so much Mama O. You are so sweet :) Your going to love your control journal. Ive been a flybaby since she only had a couple thousand people as members. My control journal has helped me more than anything when it comes to organizing my life. Even through tough times if I stick to the journal I at least feel like I have some control in my life. LOL
If you have any question about my control journal just post me a question. I'll be so happy to help :)