Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dead Like Me: Life After Death

It's finally here and I can't wait to see it, in all actuality I probably can because I have been waiting for what, 4 years for them to bring the series back!

I've watched the trailer for it a couple million times and I have read about it (in hope that they would bring it back) since the series ended. And I am a little disappointed that Rube is no longer in it : (
And what's up with the new Daisy, really! She reminds me nothing of the old Daisy.
I'm becoming a critic and I haven't even seen the movie yet. Well wish me luck cause I have it and I'm going to watch it now and I want it to be good.
And y'all better go out and buy it and watch it and help it to make some money so they bring the series back. If you've never seen the show, go rent the seasons, whatever, just watch it. I like how this guy describes the show, how he says the shows a strange combo of the the cynical and the sentimental, you can read all of what he says here
You can watch the trailer for it here

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