Monday, November 10, 2008

My first weigh in.

I can honestly say that this week I was surprised by the weight loss, but I did it!

I know I did okay I followed some of my rules or guidelines so to say...but not all of them and I wasn't consistent with any of them. : (
That's probably the laziness in me.

What I need to continue to work on
  • Write down everything I eat and drink
  • Drink 8 oz glass of water before every meal
  • Don't eat after 7 pm
  • Don't use my extra 35 points
  • Working out 180 min a week
  • Sit ups every week
  • Lose 38 pounds in 8 months

What I did great on but need to make sure I keep doing

  • Drinking 64 oz of water (some day's it's a lil less but not to much) I did great on it
  • I haven't had any soda well I had 3 glasses of diet all week and 2 glasses where coke zero which is considered water on WW
  • I used less salt (just a lil) I did good, I will continue to do good, and try to cut out a lil more

I wrote down everything I ate Mon-wed and I never went over my 25 points, the rest of the week I didn't write anything down. In my defence it was a crazy busy busy week.

I worked out about 75 min last week and did the sit ups Mon-wed the rest of the week wasn't so great on the working out.

I just really need to push myself to do harder and I will (try). I really want to lose this weight, oh my gosh I want to, I'm just an emotional eater and an emotional person so its really going to be a lot of work to break my habits, to bad I can't be a person that works out when I'm feeling emotional or an emotional organizer or something crazy like that, why do I have to love food.

Okay well here's my weigh in results

  • Starting weight-168.o
  • current weight-165.4
  • Total weight loss-2.6

I can do this!

I also wanted to say you can leave me comments. You don't have to have a blog spot account or write your name if you don't want to, you can comment under any name you want to or anonymously. thx

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