Monday, November 3, 2008

Laying down some laws for some serious weight loss

Tomorrows Tuesday and I wasn't able to do Atkins at all, it's just not something that is practical in my life right now. I'm sad I wasn't able to lose a couple pounds before the picture, but I'm sure I will get over it at least I'm not the full weight I was this time last year. : )

Something more practical for me is doing weight watchers again. It's easy to follow and it's a life style change rather then a diet, the only reason why it didn't "work" for me the last time was because I didn't follow through with it.

So I started doing ww today, and I will continue to do it hopefully FOREVER!

I'm still at a weight of 168.0 (I know cause I weighed myself this morning). I will weigh myself every Monday. Any who that puts me at a total of 25 points allowed each day. With 35 extra points a week. I'm going to try hard to not use that extra 35 points.

Here's my plan Stan

  • weigh in every Monday (and only Monday's)
  • write down everything I eat and drink (for the first month at least)
  • drink 64 oz of water everyday
  • drink an 8 oz glass of water before every meal
  • don't eat after 7 pm
  • no soda (only diet)
  • use less salt (I'm a salt addict)
  • try not to use my weekly 35 (extra) points
  • work out 4 days a week for 45 minutes or 180 minutes a week
  • do 100 sit ups everyday
  • Lose 38 pounds in 8 months

When I look at that list it seems like a simple plan and super easy to follow. I'm not asking myself to do anything way crazy or unaccomplishable (is that even a word). I'm really looking forward to the weight loss and I think this will be a good plan for me. Well wish me luck again. I will try to write my accomplishments every Monday. Until then I guess I'm stuck with this weight. hahaha

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