Thursday, November 13, 2008

And it keeps getting younger, and younger

Me and HAWG and our 3 little ones went to Peter Piper Pizza this past Tuesday, what a fun time we had. Eating out is always clean and so easy when you have 3 under the age of 6....NOT! It seems to be a huge mess and hassle and completely tiring.

But what I really wanted to blog about was the kids who were sitting directly across from us, first off where the hell are kids parents these days???
So sitting next to us was a table of about ten or eleven 11 years old and some looked even younger then that, kids.....just babies to me. But obviously not to them or their parents, not only did they all look all "gangstered" out they all had cell phones that had to cost WAY more then mine, and they all sat there texting (so cool) right??

The thing that REALLY gets to me and that made me feel a million different emotions like sad, scared, unhappy, and other feelings I don't even know how to express was that three sets of them were boyfriend and girlfriend, who are not even just boyfriend and girlfriend (like the cute little kid stuff) but they are BOYFRIEND and GIRLFRIEND, the girls (not even developed yet) are sitting on the boys laps and they are making out....WTH!!

It makes me so sad for them, where are there parents and why aren't they explaining to there kids that things are supposed to be special (like your first kiss, and so on) you get my point, if these little babies are making out at 10 and 11 what the hell are we going to face when our kids get older. I'm scared and sad for me and my hubs do we really only have 5 or 6 years before we face this with our baby?? What do we do as parents? How do we make our kids understand (when every other kid out there is doing the things we don't want our kids to do)?

I just am shocked at how the world is corrupting our kids at younger and younger ages. It really does sadden me.

Me and HAWG both lived (WAY) different lives but we both were way late bloomers (on every scale) I definitely had the chance to be bad and I could have gotten away with having sex at a young age but I was sooo much of a tom boy and completely like duh about boyfriend, girlfriend stuff that I didn't fully understand or care about anything (like sex) until about 16. And my hubs had a completely different life where his parents just keep him extremely busy and sheltered that he couldn't do anything even if he wanted too.

I would hope that my kids are a little bit more outcast (I guess that's the word to use), if fitting in means them selling them selves short, then I don't want them to fit in. I want them to just be happy and sure of who they are and to not feel pressure where friends, girlfriends, sex and drugs and everything else is concerned. It's making me cry now just thinking about the evils we are up against as parents.

I guess like most parents I just want the best for my kids.

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HWAG said...

yep its very sad....sry it made you sure pissed me off seeing do we teach them......