Friday, October 31, 2008

100 Books in 1 year-October

In early September I decided I wanted to read 100 books in a year. Well I would have to read about 8.5 books a month to get to this goal, I did okay in Sept. but I didn't reach my goal of 8.5 books. And guess what I did horrible in October. I'll be lucky to even read 50 books this year.
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My thing was I got addicted to the Twilight series and after I read them it was so hard for me to get into another book. By the way the Twilight saga rocked my socks and is totally worth the read, totally worth it. I read all the books in a little less then 2 weeks.

Well I'm still going to try and go for my goal. NOW I have to read about 9.5 books a month to get to my goal.

Here's my book list so far


1.Secrets of a Shoe Addict-Beth Harbison
2. The Great Gatsby-F Scott Fitzgerald
3. Twilight-Stephenie Meyer
4. New Moon-Stephenie Meyer


5. Eclipse-Stephenie Meyer
6. Breaking Dawn-Stephenie Meyer

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